Artists and Crews +

Directed by
Wulang Sunu

Produced by
Studio Batu

Music Director
Gregorius Ragil
& Phillipus Enggar

Yohanes Budyambara Garuda Palaka Marcellina DKP Wulang Sunu

Featured +

Funded by
Djarum Foundation, Bakti Budaya 2019

Screening in

Galeri Indonesia Kaya, Jakarta 2019

Uma Seminyak, Bali 2019

Institut Français d’Indonésie, Yogyakarta 2019


A visual artist, Iyok Suntari created 3 installations from radio, gramophones, unused circuit, and light bulb for his lover in the past. In the middle of the completion of his work, Iyok collapsed and died in a night when his gastritis became worse. The works were abandoned, until a group of young artists found the dusty and abandoned installations. They also found Iyok’s notebook and from that notebook these young artist got the inspiration to continue Iyok’s works. By using those 3 installations, the audience will follow the stories of Iyok’s past love story. In the middle of the play the ghost of Iyok Suntari appear to commemorate the dusty love story.

While You’re Away try to deliver a story about remembering and journey. The play uses the old Indonesian music from the 60’s – 80’s era and some old tunes to captivate the tone of sonic experience from the past. The shadow puppet becomes the medium to depict the past, while the video mapping is the depiction of the memory that still linger.