Residual Memory of the Walls harks back to the origins of Singapore as a port city–a place of trade and exchange. It references a time in history when the Former Supreme Court site functioned as a hotel and from its vantage point, occupants encountered the view of the sea and the ships moving in from the Straits of Singapore, finding port at the piers and sailing into the Singapore river. Through the use of sunlight and light-sensitive chemicals to create large cyanotype prints that are signature to Budi Agung Kuswara’s art practice, the artist relates his work to the passing of time on this significant historical site. Combined with the use of archival images, Budi draws upon the residual memories of the buildings and the space they created, capturing the histories that linger. The collaboration between Budi Agung Kuswara and Studio Batu bringing alive the past memories into as if we see it with our own eyes. The work invites audiences to consider our histories as a vanguard for pluralism, a philosophy that recognises and affirms diversity and a peaceful coexistence of peoples and communities of different interests and convictions.

HUMBA DREAMS PROJECT adalah catatan pribadi Riri Riza tentang Sumba, khususnya Sumba Timur, dan juga tentang impian dan harapannya akan film. HUMBA DREAMS PROJECT hadir dalam karya lintas medium: Film HUMBA DREAMS. Setelah World Premiere nya di Shanghai International Film Festival 2019, HUMBA DREAMS ditayangkan perdana di Indonesia pada acara JAFF Movie Night 3.2 dan mendapat sambutan hangat dan positif dari teman-teman di Yogya. Selanjutnya, Film HUMBA DREAMS akan ditayangkan di Jakarta.