Prelims is the other word for the prelude, initial, the prologue, or foreword to mark the starting point of some sort of journey; be it trip over hundreds of pages of a book or an expedition to the wilderness of artistic exploration. This prelims is part of the later that was intended to become a medium to explore the historical records of rampokan macan—a kind of ceremonies at the courts of 19th Century Central Javanese rulers on the occasion of the celebration of the end of the fast of Ramadhan. The ceremony displayed an “entertaining” fight between Tiger and Bull.

Based upon the archival research on the topic, Wulang Sunu chooses shadow puppet, video mapping, small figure, and a set of lighting ambience to articulate what he found interesting about the rampokan. This presentation is an attempt to represent stories that revolve around the narrative of rampokan sima. Furthermore, this small project is also intended to ricochet spatter of deeper questions about the unseen rendering of rampogan along with its contemporary context that follows. In the near future, this subject would be reprocessed and presented in a form of visual performance.